28985 Seminarreihe: Experimentelle Geochemie und Geophysik

Wintersemester 2020/2021

Bayerisches Geoinstitut, 2. Stock, Seminarraum Nr. 4.2.03




16.00 s.t.

"Structures, structural transformation and properties of selected elemental and extended solids"

Adebayo Adeleke (University of Saskatchewan) via Zoom


10.00 s.t.

"Think Megabars: 10 years of development and applications of high pressure NMR in diamond anvil cells"; NWII H19

Thomas Meier (Bayerisches Geoinstitut) Zwischenevaluation


16.00 s.t.

"Once upon a time in Kamchatka: the discovery of the first natural quasicrystal"

Luca Bindi (University Florence) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"Investigating the Earth's volatile delivery with siderophile and volatile elements"

Edith Kubik (IPGP Paris) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"Understanding the Earth’s evolution by measurements on physicochemical properties of melts"

Longjian Xie (Bayerisches Geoinstitut) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"Nickel isotopic evidence for late-stage accretion of Mercury-like differentiated planetary embryos"

Shui-Jiong Wang (China University of Geosciences Beijing) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"Iron carbonitrides and oxides at extreme conditions: Implications for Earth's and planetary deep interiors"

Shengxuan Huang (Peking University) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"How mountains become rifts: Numerical experiments investigating the impact of collisional inheritance on rifted margin architecture"

Susanne Buiter (RWTH Aachen) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"Heating Events in the Nascent Solar System Recorded by Rare Earth Element Isotopic Fractionation in Refractory Inclusions"

Justin Hu (University of Chicago) via Zoom


14.00 s.t.

"Magma Ocean Outgassing on Earth and Mars Recorded in D/H"

Kaveh Pahlevan (The SETI Institute) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"High-pressure behaviours and phase transitions in borates"

Davide Comboni (ESRF Grenoble) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"Simulating the Geodynamo: From fast waves to slow changes of reversal rates"

Johannes Wicht (Max Planck Institut für Sonnensystemforschung Göttingen) via Zoom


16.00 s.t.

"Building planets: Lessons from meteorites"

Maria Schönbächler (ETH Zürich) via Zoom